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Tyson David L MD at 1215 South Coulter Street #100 in Amarillo, Texas

Tyson David L MD is healthcare, which located in Texas. They address is 1215 South Coulter Street #100.
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Phone: +1 806-359-4701


1215 South Coulter Street #100,
Amarillo, Texas
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Customer Reviews about Tyson David L MD

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    Dr Tyson is great!! But your overall experience will be diminished by his direct staff. It's unfortunate because he is a great doctor. Your staff is your backbone and they do carry your business and which direction it will go. I did see a new nurse working with him the last time I was there and she was really nice so hopefully Tyson sees what the patients are seeing. The medical field is not for everyone, and people do get burnt out. Maybe that's what's happening. I do recommend Tyson though.
    November 15, 2017
    by Laura McPhail
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    The people at the front desk as well as Dr. Tyson's nurse were extremely rude. I was told by the nurse that I would get more information from the diabetes magazines at the grocery store than I would from Dr. Tyson himself. I was also told by that nurse that it should be common sense to me that after I switched doctors and my files got transferred to the new doctor, my old doctor would still be my doctor until I finally get to be seen by the new doctor (Tyson). I truly don't think that my previous doctor would want to see me for the transition period which by the way was for an entire month. The people at the office showed no care for my concerns that I have no doctor for one month, that I am a newly diagnosed diabetic person, and that I needed a refill and my appointment with Dr. Tyson was not till two more weeks. They refused to answer my question as to why they could not call in a refill for some glucose strips although they have my files. They accused me of coming around as a rude person when all I asked was for an answer, in a very professional and kind way. They were extremely rude as the only answer I received from all three people that answered me was the following: "the doctor cannot do anything until he sees you". They repeatedly my question of "why" by the same exact statement. When I suggested that I could send in a copay, I got a pause, and then a "no that's not it". They had no respect for an adult intelligent mathematician that was just asking for an answer. They'd rather have non-thinking robots for their patients. He will no longer be my doctor and I strongly recommend that you do not use their office. They owe me and the entire population of intelligent people a huge apology.
    November 29, 2016
    by Lina Hajje
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Tyson David L MD is located at 1215 South Coulter Street #100, Amarillo, Texas.